CAFA participates in the International Science Council Meeting

The Coalition for Academic Freedom in the Americas (CAFA) took part in the International Science Council’s Global Knowledge Dialogue for Latin America and the Caribbean, which took place in Santiago de Chile, between April 9 and 11.

The International Science Council brings together scientific expertise and resources to lead in catalyzing, nurturing, and coordinating impactful international efforts on significant scientific and public issues. Operating at the intersection of science and policy, it ensures the integration of scientific insights into international policy-making processes and considers both scientific knowledge and the requirements of the scientific community. Recently, from April 9th to 11th, in Santiago, the ISC organized a Global Knowledge Dialogue series focusing on Latin America and the Caribbean. Discussions covered topics such as advancing scientific diplomacy and science advisory mechanisms at national, regional, and international levels; exploring autonomy and the crucial relationships between academic institutions, disciplinary bodies, unions, international scientific organizations, and governments; examining the future of assessment and publication in Open Science frameworks; and addressing the urgent needs for funding scientific research.

CLASCO Panel at the ISC Meeting.

Very importantly, a half-day workshop was dedicated to the problematics of Freedoms and Responsibilities in Science, for which the ISC has a dedicated Committee. Freedom and Responsibility in science speaks to the right to share in and to benefit from advances in science and technology, which is enshrined in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, as is the right to engage in scientific enquiry, to pursue and communicate knowledge, and to associate freely in such activities. Science understood as a global public good also implies the responsible practice of science and the responsibility of scientists to contribute their knowledge in the public space.

Camilla Croso (CAFA Executive Director) and Salvador Herencia (CAFA Legal Advisor and Member of the University of Ottawa Human Rights Research and Education Centre) were representing the Coalition at the ISC meeting.

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