The Coalition for Academic Freedom in the Americas at LASA 2024

Between June 12 and 15, a CAFA delegation participated in LASA, in Bogotá, Colombia, whose theme this year was Reaction and resistance: Imagining possible futures in the Americas.

During the Congress, CAFA promoted the workshop Attacks on academic freedom and university autonomy in the Americas: Lessons for resistance, defence and solidarity. The meeting included the participation of Camilla Croso (CAFA), Jesse Levine (Scholars at Risk), Maria Estela Rivero Fuentes (Central American Research Alliance/University of Notre Dame) and David Augusto Gamboa (Aula Abierta/Universidad de Zulia) and was moderated by Salvador Herencia Carrasco (HRREC/CAFA). The workshop sought to identify features and trends on the state of academic freedom on the continent, while placing the fight for the implementation of this right within the framework of the regional and global context, particularly considering the development of the Principles for the Implementation of Academic Freedom and the Interamerican Principles of Academic Freedom and University Autonomy. The meeting highlighted key strategies that drive the effective implementation of the right to academic freedom, in particular the fundamental role that monitoring plays as an exercise of follow-up and action, as well as research, especially when carried out as a collaborative and networked practice – an emblematic case of how CARA works.

In addition to the Workshop, CAFA participated in a discussion at the National University of Colombia, organized by one of its members in the country, María Luisa Rodríguez Peñaranda. The meeting brought together a group of women who have been tirelessly combatting multiple forms of gender violence in the context of higher education, and different strategies were discussed to ensure the necessary visibility of this problem, which must be exposed, debated and fundamentally overcome.

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